The Maha Kumbh Mela

is an age old hindu festival where monks, babas, sadhus and gurus gather together where the three rivers meet, on the riverbank near Allahabad, India.

This site has been created to give free Mela information about the festival. I’m not a tour guide or travel agent, I just know the Mela… This large gathering happens every 12 years, when the planets are in alignment, a smaller fair is also held here every year. You should go there in January and see for yourself…

In addition, I would like to share with you my experiences, and the experiences of those who joined together for the mela and helped to create our own camp site, the Jaga Shanti Camp.

Now, about the next Mela in 2025…

According to both ancient mythologyand modern astronomy, as the planets align every 12 years, the monks and Babas of India will come together to dip in the holy Ganges river. This year, an even more significant alignment of 144 years occured. Many people traveled to Allahabad and met so many Sages, Saints, Sadhus and Gurus receiving their blessings, cleansing their karma and healing their souls.

The festival is totally free in every sense. By simply showing up you may find a place to stay, make many good friends, however always use caution, as you explore the Mela, and become part of a spectacular event!

Explore this website for interesting links, and videos. You may find yourself at the Next Mela, or just see what happened at the 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela


Harvard without Borders: Mapping the Kumbh Mela

Festival Details

Location near Allahabad, India
Date held every 12 years
Celebrating planets aligning
Scale 36 million attended in 2013
Origin before the 5th century

Blessings of the Monks and Sadhus

The monks are purifying their minds and bodies by performing many different rituals that will help them to achieve their spiritual goals. During the month long festival they bathe in the Ganges River, meditate and exchange spiritual doctrines, comparing different points of view. This has remained unchanged for over a thousand years…

Bathing in the Ganges River

The act of bathing in the Holy Ganges River will cleanse ones karma of sins and clear their way to the higher realms of heaven.

This place is "In-Tents"

During the month long festival, the monks build a temporary tent city of over a million people. Then during the special days, when the planets align, they have several massive parades to the river to take a dip. By doing this at the special time, in this special place, they clear their karma away… Many millions of devotees come to see the parades and during this time the crowd can swell to be tens of millions of people. The estimate for 2013 was 36 million on the main day.

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