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About me...

This site was created to give free Mela information. It has accomplished that and much more. Anyone may send me comments, photos or stories. I will edit and post them for people to share. I have been interested in the mela since my first visit in 1983. This will be my 10th visit to India and I have seen many of her spiritual centers. In 2001 I helped make a Kumbh Mela Camp.

Jaga in 1989 GuruJi n Jaga

Thanks to those pilgrims that came in 2001 with patience and sincerity, looking for a glimps of the light, and left with a greater understanding of the needs of others. Blessings to you all... 95% of the people were served by the camp and thanked me, 5% skipped on the rent or just left confused and angry because of their expectations. To the unhappy few... Sorry. To the larger group, you are very welcome, let's meet again in 12 years... Mela blessings upon you, carry the sangam with you always... Jaga

My Guru...

Satguru Sant Keshavadas - Born at Bhadragiri, near Udipi in Karnataka State, India on July 22nd, 1934. He had the mystical-vision of Lord Ponduranga Vittala (Vishu) at the age of eleven.

Guruji Pondurenga


He was brought from village to village, to tell the Hari Katha (stories of God). He married and had three children, studied law up to B.A., LL.B., but practised only Devine-law. He completed over 40 global tours spreading "Sanatana Vishwa-Dharma" and represented "Hinduism" at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in September of 1993.

He first established "Dasashrama" at Bangalore in 1961 and then, in 1982, Vishwashanti Ashrama, the world-head quarters at Nelamangala near Bangalore, India. He has written 19 books in English and 50 books in Kannada and has composed more than 6000 Bhajans (devotional songs). He has also established Temples of Vittala at Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada and Rajamundhry at Andhra Pradesh; established Sri Purandara Vittala Temple, Sri Dattatreya Temple and Vishwashanti Ashrama at Bangalore, Karnataka State, where he installed a 36 foot tall monolithic granite Murti of Vishwa Vijaya Ponduranga Vittala and built the unique temple of the Bhagavad gita. He completed 30 global tours, has led 16 pilgrimages from West to East bringing westerners to the holy pilgrimage centers of Mother India, and traveled around India more than 60 times preaching and teaching for several religious organizations including Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

"Truth is one; names are many God is one; paths are many"

"Love born of wisdom can solve all problems"

"God is Love and Peace"

this is his main teaching.

Please come to visit our ashrama anytime.

In nearby Bangalore, you can see many spiritual places and beautiful parks. There is a sense of community in this town and you feel that you are really inside the heartland of India. See our Gallery.